A New York and Texas Full-Service Law Firm

A Broad Range Of Other Services

Hanson Law Firm, P.C., believes in offering a full range of coverage. It understands that finding an attorney you trust is difficult, and it strives to offer a comprehensive experience so that you do not need to go from law firm to law firm for every legal issue that arises. You can work with attorney Kristie Hanson who will treat you with respect and offer truly personal legal service at every step.

Her mission is the same as always – to help her community prosper. Speak with her and her team about their legal offerings, and find out how they go above and beyond to serve your needs.

Her Other Practice Areas

Attorney Kristie Hanson has more than 32 years of experience in a wide range of practice areas. She is equipped to support you in more than just bankruptcy and personal injury law.

She also offers legal support for:

  • Residential real estate transactions and residential real estate disputes
  • Traffic violations, including DUI defense
  • Creating and executing estate plans, wills and trusts

Attorney Hanson works to keep you in the driver’s seat by making sure you understand the decisions you need to make and giving you the information and tools you need to make the right choices. She answers your questions fully, in terms and language you understand, so that you have the power to determine your future.

The Legal Care You Deserve From The Attorney You Know And Trust

Attorney Hanson welcomes you to sit down at her office and go through your legal needs in depth. You do not need to wait; just give her a call at 518-517-2311 today.