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It could happen to anyone – a sudden job loss, divorce or medical bills make it impossible to stay ahead of your bills, and the debt becomes too much. In these moments, bankruptcy may be the best option for you and can offer much-needed relief from persistent debt collections calls, foreclosure proceedings and other adverse actions.

Hanson Law Firm, P.C., gives you honest, personal advice that helps you get a new start. Attorney Kristie Hanson is a long-time practitioner of bankruptcy law with a reputation for excellent client service. Schedule a free bankruptcy consultation with her by completing the online contact form.

Understand Your Bankruptcy Options

Information is the foundation for wise bankruptcy decisions; the first decision is what type of bankruptcy to file:

  • Chapter 7: This form of bankruptcy is the most common. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, the court will dismiss your consumer debt and use your assets to manage your other debts.
  • Chapter 13: This form of bankruptcy allows you to restructure your debt into a more manageable form. You will retain debt but will have a clear repayment structure and maintain your assets like your home. If you are behind on mortgage payments, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can allow you to pay back the arrearages by the end of your repayment plan.

Attorney Hanson is meticulous and can help prevent errors in bankruptcy that can come back to haunt you. She can help you make the right choices from the very start.

Your Fresh Start Begins Today

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Hanson Law Firm, P.C., is a debt relief agency. Attorney Kristie Hanson helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.